woman doing administrative support servicesAt a dental office, several moving parts ensure the efficiency and functioning of the office. This includes a large number of non-clinical and administrative support services. These professionals handle all the work on the back-end so that doctors and dentists can focus on client care. However, for practice owners, managing all these aspects of a business can be challenging without the right support.

What Are Administrative Support Services?

Dental practice administrative support services cover a broad spectrum of responsibilities. These include all of the non-clinical challenges that a dental practice may face daily. Generally, these services include:

  • Secretarial duties
  • Supply buying
  • HR and recruiting
  • Customer service and scheduling
  • Equipment procurement and maintenance

In your practice, your administrative support team should be just as strong as the doctors and hygienists you hire. These individuals take over the paperwork and maintenance of the office so that you don’t have to. Instead, you can focus on developing innovative and high-quality services for your clients.

Furthermore, these professionals are also the first employees who interact with your clients. As much as their role is to help you focus on customer-focused solutions, they also often serve as the first face your clients see. Ensuring that you have an administrative support services team that you can trust with these responsibilities is essential to the growth of your practice.

How SOHDental Facilitates Dental Practice Administrative Support Services

At SOHDental, we understand the stress that can come with developing a dental practice administrative support services team. As a healthcare provider, running a business may feel like backburner responsibilities. However, they are necessary for the success of your practice. Therefore, when you partner with us, we take over these support responsibilities and help you build a team that supports your work.

SOHDental has access to a diverse network of healthcare and administrative professionals. Through our recruiting efforts, we make sure that we find the perfect match for your team. Additionally, with SOHDental’s seal of approval, you can rest assured knowing that you’re working with experienced individuals who have a passion for revolutionizing the dental industry. Together, you and your team can be trailblazers in client-focused dental care.

Let SOHDental Provide the Support You Need

At SOHDental, we’re committed to practices that treat their patients as their number one priority. If your practice values client care but wants to improve efficiency on the back end, then we’re ready to work with you.

We offer a diverse range of services to help clients in every aspect of their practice. Some of our business support services include:

Don’t let poor administrative support services impact your customer care. Call SOHDental today at 636-362-4986 for a free consultation.

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