The first step of our business support services is to source doctors by generating leads through study clubs, DSO recruiting, and conferences. We target doctor profiles that appear to be a good match for our network and reach out to them through these recruiting practices. We then assess the doctors based on their wants and needs, future goals, motivations and pain points. We perform a thorough personality assessment to ensure that they are a good fit for our network.

Other recruiting techniques include engaging with soon-to-graduate students and utilizing referral programs for our dental practice management services.


Business development is the next the step of the process. We target practices based on specific profiles and assess the quality and performances of their offices. The office is evaluated to make sure they are doing their due diligence when it comes to clinical care. When we determine that a practice meets the criteria for our affiliated network of business support services, we extend the offer the join. We also provide public relations assistance and support with equity rollover and partnerships so that the dental practice can integrate into our network seamlessly.


The transition process is key in integrating our practices and employees into our network. First, we coach the doctor and his or her team through this process, and on the values and ideals that we want them to convey as part of our network. Pre-closing and post-closing meetings are held at the beginning and end of the process to ensure that all members of the team are well-versed in our practices. This allows us to review credentials and eventually integrate the doctors and teams into our partnership.


Our Standard Operating Handbook is provided to all members of our team. Doctors must participate in leadership study clubs to ensure thorough understanding of our standard operating processes and teach this information to the members of their team. We also provide training to key leaders of the practices so that they are knowledgeable in the methods used by SOH when leading and training their employees. These processes and methods are essential to our business support services.

Once these leadership trainings are completed, we begin with on-site coaching and continuing education. When we decide that the doctors have successfully completed their training program, we begin with training the other members of the office.


Empowerment is another important part of the process because it gives confidence to our doctors and their employees. We want to help them think not only like owners of a dental practice, but also like business owners. In doing so, they will learn the skills necessary to build a more successful and efficient business, both in clinical quality and profitability. SOH strives to develop a positive culture in all of our workplaces. One of our mottos is “ABC” or “Always Be Celebrating.” We believe that positive reinforcement is essential to the overall happiness and well-being of all of our employees, which helps to improve employee retention rates.

We encourage our leaders to read One Minute Manager, which helps promote positive and efficient managerial skills. These skills translate to a better workplace for all members of their practice. We also seek to develop effective teamwork practices in our offices. We believe in the practices taught in Servant Leadership; 5 Dysfunctions of a Team; and Conflict Management. In educating our team members on these important attitudes and practices, we can be sure that they are prepared to begin working as a member of an SOH affiliate. This will, in turn, lead to developing more mentorship as the practice continues to grow.


One benefit of joining SOH is to take advantage of our economies of scale so that dentists can lower the costs of running their practices. By engaging with our doctors, we can offer them financial planning support, AGD membership, and partnership opportunities. These are all services that will assist them in keeping their costs down and their profits up.

We also like to give our doctors the opportunity to share best practices with each other. This can be done through doctor forums such as blogs, intranet, and email groups, as well as doctor-centric study clubs. When doctors from different practices and background share their experiences with each other, it allows them to gain unique perspectives and employ new strategies to help them improve their practice.


At SOH, we believe in open-book management, which means that all team members have access to all of the vital financial and operational information about the practice. This includes metrics such as revenue, profit, and expenses. When employees see themselves not only as workers but also as partners, they feel empowered, important, and more willing to work hard for the betterment of the practice. All of this results in a supportive work environment, where clinical and non-clinical employees enjoy a happy, healthy, working relationship.

Business Support Services at SOHDental

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