happy woman talking to associates after selling a dental practiceI want to improve my practice, but where do I start? If you’re a dental professional with this question, then you’ve come to the right place. SOHDental is an organization dedicated to furthering innovations in the dental industry by aiding practices with their non-clinical challenges. If you’re struggling to provide the high-quality client care you desire, then here’s how you can go about partnering with SOHDental.

Why Should I Consider a Partnership for My Practice?

As the owner of a practice, you have many responsibilities. You are in charge of the wellness of your clients as well as your employees. Furthermore, you have to manage all of the moving parts of a business, including IT, bookkeeping, and marketing. For an individual or small team, this can be overwhelming.

At SOHDental, we’ve found that these additional responsibilities can get in the way of client care. Rather than focusing on developing innovative solutions for clients, practices spend their energy managing non-clinical challenges. A partner for a dental practice also means eliminating these concerns, at least when you partner with SOHDental.

SOHDental offers business support services to help solve the non-clinical challenges that practices face. These services include:

A partnership for your dental practice means having access to these services and a network of healthcare professionals. This ensures that your practice will be running as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, you can leave recruiting and staffing to us as you grow your practice.

How We Approach a Partnership for Your Dental Practice

Partnering with SOHDental means committing to the SOH process. During this process, we work to find the ideal candidates for employment at your practice, and we train you and your employees on our Standard Operating Handbook.

Our handbook teaches valuable skills while also improving employee confidence. At SOH, we value a positive work environment. Our handbook encourages employees to work more efficiently and carefully, but also empowers them to feel confident in the work they do. When potential practices are fluent in our handbook, they can operate more successfully. At this point, they are ready to join the SOHDental affiliate network.

Begin a Partnership with SOHDental

Beginning a partnership may seem like a complicated process, but SOHDental can be your guide. Our mission is to turn your focus away from non-clinical needs and toward client care and innovation. As healthcare professionals, your primary focus and responsibility should be on providing the best solutions possible for your clients.

In order to provide these high-quality support services, we have to employ the highest quality employees. If you’re a professional in the dental industry looking to further your career with SOHDental, then check out our SOHDental careers.

Finally, for more information about a partnership or for a free consultation, call us today at 636-362-4986. Begin growing your legacy with SOHDental today.

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