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SOHDental partners with premiere professionals in the dental industry to create a more customer-focused culture. We want to help trailblazers in the industry grow their practices. Also, we want to help them find careers where they can best utilize their skills. If you want to partner with a team looking to change the dentistry landscape with high-quality medical practice management services, then learn more about SOHDental.

About Our Medical Practice Management

At SOHDental, we offer a range of medical practice management services to help practices with their non-clinical needs. By taking over these challenges, we give practitioners the time and energy they require to provide client-centered care. Rather than worrying about bookkeeping or recruiting, dentists can spend more time developing the best and most innovative dental solutions for their clients.

Some of the business support services that SOHDental offers include:

Our team utilizes our network of affiliated partners to provide the ideal professionals for these services. Whether you need someone to help manage your IT responsibilities or a new receptionist for your office, SOHDental can provide the person you need. Alternatively, if you’re looking to bring your diverse skill set to the dental industry, you can pursue the career of your dreams with SOHDental.

Partnering with SOHDental

Deciding to partner with SOHDental can feel daunting, but doing so can also improve the overall quality of your patient care and happiness of your employees. Of course, being bogged down with administrative work and marketing decisions can take time away from what matters: providing dental solutions for your clients. At the end of the day, your practice relies on the well-being of your clients. Therefore, their care should be your top priorities.

If you leave the medical practice management to SOHDental, you can channel your energy into your clients rather than your paperwork.

Finding a Career With SOHDental

If you’re a professional with experience in the dental industry, then we want to hear from you. Whether you’re a dental healthcare professional or have experience doing administrative work for dental offices, we want to develop our network of hard-working professionals who believe in our vision. SOHDental has a strong network of affiliated partners, allowing us to offer a range of opportunities in the dental industry.

For more information about pursuing a career through SOHDental, check out our SOHDental careers.

Partner with SOHDental Today

Are you looking for a solution for your medical practice management? Alternatively, maybe you need a place to grow your career in the dental industry. No matter what you’re looking for, turn to the professionals at SOHDental. We offer comprehensive support services to help practices overcome non-clinical challenges. Finally, to learn more about what we can do to help you, call us today at 636-362-4986.

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