Our Values and Promises

At SOH, we promise to create a collaborative culture for all of our employees. When we believe that “We are SOH better together,” we will be more productive, happier, and more profitable. By working together towards solutions, we ensure that every team member is a vital part of the practice and will be happy to get together for morning huddles, team meetings, and problem-solving sessions. These sessions are similar to a sports team watching post-game tape and collaborating to ensure that they improve for next time – except ultimately this will be to provide better clinical care.

We promise to empower our employees and hold everyone accountable for their actions. No matter what title an employee holds, they can both teach and learn on the job. When someone brings solutions to the team, they should feel empowered and significant. This means everyone holds themselves accountable and works towards a common goal. Supporting and empowering the dentist to provide the best care possible should be one of these goals.

We promise to provide ethical compliance and integrity. This means always doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching. Our employees should be equipped with a strong internal moral compass, guiding them in the ethical direction for every choice they make. This creates trust among both our team members and our patients and doctors.

We promise to be open and transparent. When all of our team members have shared purposes and goals, we can act as a cohesive unit. Every employee should feel like an important part of the team, and everyone should be in constant communication with feedback – both positive and negative. However, negative feedback should have a positive focus, offering helpful ways to improve on weaknesses while also focusing on praising strengths. Team members should be open with each other and not have to put on a strictly professional persona that lacks warmth.

Finally, we promise to celebrate our successes. SOH believes in a work hard, play hard environment, and we want our employees to know that we appreciate each other. Always Be Celebrating! This means that although there may be days that are long and difficult, we will get through them together, and at the end of the day we won’t feel exhausted and angry, instead we will celebrate together as well.