Working Together to Create Innovation in Dentistry

Throughout history, pioneers have blazed a trail, changing lives for the better along the way. Our ambition is to develop and create advancements in dentistry and unlock the potential of the industry. When you learn about SOHDental, you’ll discover a dedicated and innovative team of professionals.

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Our core philosophy is simple – to utilize the best minds in the dental industry to create a new culture which benefits the patient via unique, customer-focused treatments and technologies. We achieve this by using our tried-and-tested administration methods along with growth initiatives that ensure our patients get the best possible treatment, while our partners witness unparalleled growth. We strive to create a future of dentistry everyone wants to be a part of.

About SOHDental Partners and Affiliates

In modern dentistry, partnership is a term that gets thrown around a lot. It’s a word that signifies shared responsibilities and freedoms. For us, partnership means putting our affiliates first. After all, our partners are the foundation of our business strategy, and the glue that binds our network together. By partnering with us, you could potentially have your very own private practice under our umbrella. If you’d like more information on how partnering with us could kickstart your dentistry business, simply make an inquiry with our development team to see if you qualify.

Your Practice, Your Way

Using a staff retention model with no financing contingencies, we’re able to offer unparalleled freedom and flexibility in our purchase agreements. We generally concentrate on practices in our current markets which can generate 750K in revenue per annum, with at least four operatories. If you are interested in becoming a partner, affiliating your practice to us is typically the first step you will be required to take. However, affiliating your practice does not necessarily mean you have to forge a partnership – the choice is completely up to you. It’s your practice, run your way, with help and advice from one of the biggest and brightest names in the dental industry.

Our model is based on the following tenets:

  • We help to keep a watchful eye on the business and administrative side of things, allowing you to do what you do best, practicing dentistry. You’ll make all the clinical decisions, we’re just here to facilitate a smoother workflow.
  • We offer incredibly competitive pricing on all aspects of dentistry – but our valuations are complimentary. What you charge is up to you.
  • Many of our partners choose to work with us because of our forward-thinking philosophy. We’re not a one-size-fits-all organization, and never will be.
  • We’re unique in that we offer all our partners complete flexibility and the freedom to make their own important decisions.

Here for You

We understand that it’s important to put the patient first. By ensuring our partners face less stress when it comes to business management, this allows them to focus on providing a world-class service. Each of our affiliates are liberated from the complications of operating a complex business on their own. We provide a consistently professional service, enabling our partners to provide high-quality dentistry.

For more information about SOHDental and our administrative support and business accounting services, call us at 636-362-4986.

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