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We aim to provide assistance for our doctors by taking over their non-clinical challenges.

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Our Mission

To support doctors in creating their own legacy while helping them deliver the highest patient experiences in their communities and creating value for all stakeholders

Our Vision

To become the leading collaborative dental solutions partner

Our Niche

Stimulating growth!

Revolutionizing The Dental Industry; Supporting Doctors In Creating Their Own Legacy!

Independent Practice Challenges

Many independent dental practices endure non-clinical challenges that consume a large amount of time, detracting from the quality of their clinical care and creating a lopsided work-life balance. Some administrative challenges include accounting, collections, and payroll.

Procuring supplies and equipment can also prove to be a challenge for these small practices, as they are unable to benefit from the economies of scale created by affiliated dental networks. Other challenges faced by dental practices are HR, recruiting, IT, and back-office financial analysis. SOH is focused on alleviating the workload produced by these non-clinical challenges so that our partners can focus on providing medical care.

Our Promise

  • Celebration of success

  • Collaborative culture

  • Openness and transparency

  • Empowerment & Accountability

  • Ethical complaince and Integrity